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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

Updating Payroll NOW to the new AppSource Release

*Note: Payroll NOW and other Per Tenant Extensions (Applications installed via AppSource) are not supported in an automatic update capacity at the time of this documentation – 3/21/2024.

These applications will need to be manually updated or set to the next available update window.

Update Payroll NOW

Navigate in Business Central to the Admin Center

In the Environments tab, click the blue link to the desired Environment

In the top left corner, click the Apps button

Scroll down until you get the Payroll NOW by Integrity Data Section

Click Install Update for “Payroll NOW by Integrity Data”

    1. “Primo Payday” should also be updated with the same steps
    2. “Payroll NOW by Integrity Data Base” is not essential, in most cases this will auto update when Upgrading Payroll NOW by Integrity Data

You will get a prompt, that allows you to update immediately, or update based on your Business Central update window (see configuration below)