Become a Dynamic Business with Microsoft Dynamics® GP, with Payroll and HR functionality included in your Starter Pack license

For more than 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered the quick to implement, affordable and easy to use business management solution that powers diverse businesses around the world. From financials and human resource management to manufacturing and operations, Microsoft Dynamics GP brings people and systems together to support your business ambitions.

Whether you are considering Microsoft Dynamics GP as your organization’s new business management solution, or are an existing customer looking to expand your solution with Payroll and HR functionality, this provides an overview of the Payroll and HR functionality available within Microsoft Dynamics GP.


What’s included in your GP license? 

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes standard US and Canadian Payroll and Human Resources for an unlimited number of employees:

Help maintain full compliance with government reporting requirements by generating Federal Magnetic Media files.

Attract and retain top talent and offer employees better services with customizable hiring processes, scheduling, pay rates, and performance evaluation tools.

Automate payroll processing, equip staff to handle complex payroll requirements, and offer better service to your employees while reducing overhead costs. This functionality is also now available using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client.

Automate payroll processing, equip staff to handle complex payroll requirements, and offer better service to your employees while reducing overhead costs.

Automate data transfer from ADP/PC Payroll for Windows into General Ledger, using a turnkey solution that eliminates the need to reenter data.

Add payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings and loan, or credit union accounts through an automated clearing house (ACH) file.

Manage labor budgets and human resources based on specific job functions and a specific head count. Apply data throughout the Human Resource and Payroll system to enforce the business rules and to manage the movement of human resources throughout the organization.

Allow employees to view or update their personal data, create and manage their absences, and enter personal requisitions. With the Employee functionality, employees can spend more time focusing on their day-to-day business and tasks and worry less about administrative burdens.

Extended HR and Payroll Pack

Now, for many businesses, this basic functionality in the Starter Pack is all that is needed. However, depending on your business needs and requirements, you may need more flexible options to pay and manage your employees – you can find those options through Integrity Data and Microsoft.

  • Use our Integrity Data Solution Finder to find out what easy and affordable functionality Integrity Data can add
  • And take a look at the Extended Human Resources and Payroll Pack offered by Microsoft:


Track critical health and wellness information to monitor the well-being of your employees and ensure government compliance. Manage employee certifications and license and training requirements to help your employees meet their potential and maximize the value they bring to the organization.

Extend Payroll capabilities with Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor Reporting, and Payroll Hours to General Ledger functionality.


Reduce paperwork and manual entry by moving benefit processes online, including yearly benefits, change of status, and more


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