GotZoom – Student Loan Assistance Program

A proven path to Student Loan Relief for your employees

Lower Monthly Payments   •   Shorter Loan Term

Proven student loan repayment benefit

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GotZoom provides student loan repayment assistance, specializing in finding federal repayment programs to reduce your employees’ student loan burden. With nearly 70 federal student loan repayment and forgiveness programs in place today, the options to reduce student debt are exceptional. Providing GotZoom to your employees as a student loan repayment benefit puts you at the forefront of a new, high-growth benefit category and takes the student loan burden away from your employees, making them more productive and engaged!

Have a more productive and engaged workforce with GotZoom,
providing student loan repayment assistance as an employee benefit
at a lower total cost for the employer and at no cost for the employee.

Why GotZoom?

With a seven year performance record and a beehive of experts on federal student loan repayment and forgiveness programs, GotZoom achieves large student debt reduction with these programs:

  • Providing immediate relief to the employee
  • Costing significantly less for the employer

GotZoom’s advantages are not just for employees. As an employer, this student loan assistance program can greatly reduce your employees’ financial anxiety and strengthen their loyalty to your organization.

Hiring employees based on their education and expertise is only the first step. Many companies offer education reimbursement programs to encourage their employees to continue their education, thereby bettering the workforce. However, past debt may be hanging over your employees’ heads, preventing them from taking the next step of further education. As the employer, offer this student loan assistance program to help them focus on paying off past debt, enabling them to dream about new learning opportunities.