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HR and Payroll for BC Resources Release Notes

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Use Actual Work Dates, Use Automatic Late Codes

These new Boolean check boxes / switches are in the ‘Additional Payroll Setup Table’ > ‘General Tab’.

These new options can be used independently of each other if needed.


Use Actual Work Dates:

Will check pay cycle period and if the pay cycle period is closed it will make the usage date inside the open pay cycle period and put the actual work date as the date that was originally put in via hours entry. It allows you to automatically track if there was late time.

Use Automatic Late Codes:

Will populate late code if work date was in the past in a pay cycle that was not open.

Late Earnings Code

If ‘Use Automatic Late Codes’ is set to true, the ‘Late Earnings Code’ field will be become available in earnings payroll code setup cards. Here you can link the late earnings code to the necessary earnings code. When populated, if the pay cycle is closed this earnings code will be used when records are populated in Hours Detail.

late earnings code

Actual Work Date Field

When the ‘Use Actual Work Dates’ is set to true, the ‘Actual Work Date’ field becomes available in the ‘Manual Hours Details’ table.

actual work date field

In this screenshot example you can see how the ‘Usage Date’ field auto populates the first available date in the next open pay cycle even the though the ‘Actual Work Date’ is from the prior / closed pay cycle. In the event that the code in the ‘Earnings Code’ field has a ‘Late Earnings Code’ attached to it, then when the earnings code hits the Hours Detail Table, the earnings code will be switched out with the ‘Late Earnings Code’ automatically.

actual work date field2

Hide PTO Factbox Amount & Hide PTO Factbox Hours

These new Boolean fields were added to allow users to turn on or turn off the ability to view the PTO FactBox Amounts and PTO FactBox Hours.

hide pto factbox amount

Include Open Docs In CPP/EI Limit Check

This new Boolean Field is in the Canadian Setup Tab of the ‘Additional Payroll Setup’ table. When set to true, open payroll document CPP/EI amounts will be included with the Payroll Ledger Entries when checking the limits and the CPP exemption will only be applied to one open document.

Canadian setup table

Enable CPP Exemption Amount Ledger

When set to true, the CPP Exemption Amount will be tracked in the ledger by employee. Therefore, it can be applied to the multiple open payroll documents at once until it is completely used per pay period.

cpp exemption amount

Payout PTO Automatically

payout pto auto

When set to ‘True’, ‘Payroll PTO Automatically’ will become an available Boolean field on the employee PTO card to automatically payout the amount accrued.

pto card

Payout Expense Allocation Based On Earnings / Advanced Filter

The ‘Payout PTO Automatically’ Boolean mentioned above must be set to ‘True’ to be able to activate the ‘Payroll Exp. All. Based on Earnings / Adv. Filter’ boolean
When set to true, the expense allocation lines behind the PTO payout payroll code will be built based on the earnings filter or the advanced filter that calculates the earnings applicable in the accrual.

earnings sick pay

Sets the expense allocation lines behind the PTO payout to the ‘PTO Accrual Earnings Filter’ or ‘Advanced Filter’ that was used in the calculation of the PTO amount.

pto setup

Advanced PTO Earnings Filter Code

When populated, the earnings that apply to the PTO code will be set from the advanced filter code populated in this field. The advanced filter can also be used to set additional filters on positions, custom dimensions, etc.

adv pto

Here is a screenshot example of an Advanced PTO Filter. You can set active payroll codes for the filter along with position codes, union codes etc.

Process procedure adv filter card

Do Not Accrue Hours

If the PTO Earnings code is an amount-based accrual, if this is set to ‘True’ the calculation will skip the hours accrual and only accrue dollars.

do not accrue

Include Pto Code Earnings In Payout Calc

If set to true, the payout percentage will calculate including the PTO payout in the current payroll document of this payroll code.

payout calc

Enable Unlimited Report Groups

When set to ‘True’, this new Boolean Field in the Payroll Report Layouts allows the user to make as many report groups as is needed. When activated, the report will not be constrained to just 8 groupings and the type of grouping can be specified (Dollars, Hours and Quantity).

enable unlimited report groups

Copy Web Portal Login / Password To New Company

When set to ‘True’, the employee self – service portal logins and passwords will be copied to the new company when a company is copied. In most cases, you would not want the logins and passwords to be copied from the live company to a test company.

web portal login

New Process Procedure

These new process procedures are found at the bottom of ‘Option 2’ menu dropdown.

Payroll Code Amount Deduction Card Date Filter

This will use the date filter on the employee deduction card when it goes to get the payroll code amount. This will get payroll code amount from the ledger using the date filter from the deduction card. This allows you to control what balance is brought in.