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Direct Deposit Changes (Employee and Approver)

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to update and manage direct deposit information. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring paychecks go to the correct account. It explains how to access the change request form, make necessary changes, check submission status, and how approvers can take action. It also explains how employees can view approved changes. Following these steps will help users update and view approved direct deposit information effectively.

Updating Direct Deposit Information

1. Managing direct deposit information is important for ensuring paychecks go directly to the right account. Follow the steps below to request a change and view the approved updates.

Tip: To activate the Direct Deposit Workflow, simply refer to the instructions provided in the knowledge base article accessible here.

2. Access the Direct Deposit Change Request Form:

  • Navigate to “My Direct Deposit Change Request.”
  • Select “New” to start a new request.

3. Make the Necessary Changes:

  • Update the record with new direct deposit information.
  • Once done, click “Submit Change Request” to submit the changes.

4. Check the Submission Status:

  • After submitting the request, a new record with the status of “Submitted” will appear.

An approver will review the request.

5. Approver Actions:

  • The approver will navigate to “Workflow Employee Compensation” and then select “Submitted.”

6. – The approver will take action on the request, such as choosing to “Approve Request.”

View Approved Changes

7. The employee can now view the accepted direct deposit information.

8. Once the request is approved, navigate to “My Direct Deposit Alt” to view the approved direct deposit information.

9. By following these steps, direct deposit information can be updated and changes viewed once they have been approved.

Payroll Integrations

10. For more information on how these changes are implemented in your payroll system, please check the following knowledge base articles related to your specific payroll system:

To understand how these changes affect your GP payroll system, click here.

To understand how these changes affect your Payroll Now payroll system, click here.

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