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Posted Payroll Ledger Entries in Payroll Now

Payroll Ledger Entries provides a convenient way to review all posted ledger entries associated with payroll transactions. Below are instructions on how to access and make the most of this functionality.

Step 1: Accessing Payroll Ledger Entries

Navigate to the ‘Full Payroll Menu’ and locate the ‘History’ column. Click on ‘Payroll Ledger Entries’ to access the ledger.

You can see available actions.  Here is a description of their functions.


This action enables you to find all entries and documents associated with a specific document number and posting date selected in the entry.


This action will direct you to the employee card linked with the chosen payroll document, providing further details.


This action guides you to the ‘Reverse Transaction Entries’ table. Here, you can select the entries you wish to reverse, proceed to process, and then execute the reversal. Corresponding journal entries will be automatically posted to the ledger.


This feature allows you to apply a filter to select and reverse multiple entries simultaneously. Once selected, the chosen entries will undergo reversal along with the generation of corresponding journal entries.

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Last Review: 04/21/2024

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