Updated September 15, 2020

Employers: What's new for 2019 ACA reporting?

The 2020 IRS filing year is quickly approaching; and employers will once again need to shift their focus to ACA compliance. Much will remain the same for the upcoming IRS ACA reporting year, but there are a few notable changes. To prepare for 2020 ACA reporting, employers should take time to review the upcoming requirements and cultivate a strategy for compliance.

Here are a few changes that employers should be aware of during this filing year.

Tax Forms Now Require Indication of Coverage

Starting in filing year 2018, the IRS stated they will NOT process individual tax returns unless taxpayers indicate whether they have health coverage. 2019 will be the second year the IRS will NOT accept nor process tax returns that omit this information. The IRS announced, “This change in process reflects the requirements of the ACA and the IRS’s obligation to administer the health care law.” So starting this year, electronically filed tax returns that do not indicate whether the individual had health coverage for the year will