Like many companies today, we have decided it’s time to make the switch to the cloud. We’ve decided to document our journey in order to help others who are considering the move as well. Follow along with our multi-part series about our migration from Dynamics GP to Business Central.

Where did our time with Microsoft Dynamics GP begin?

Integrity Data was established 25 years ago, driven by customers needing creative solutions to complex issues that weren’t solved out of the box with Great Plains – now called Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Two guys joined our company visionary and the new team of three gathered in a garage to solve these issues for customers.

Over time, the opportunities for Integrity Data grew and so did the company. We decided back in 2002 that we needed to adopt the philosophy of “eating your own dog food,” meaning that we needed to be using Dynamics GP so that we can have first-hand insight into the needs of our customers.

As an aside, the earliest origins of the “dog food” phrase dates to the 1970s Alpo dog food commercial featuring Lorne Greene stating that he trusted Alpo for his own dogs. Around 1988, Microsoft began to encourage their internal employees to become users of Microsoft software using the “dog food” analogy. That same desire to eat our own dog food in order to have the best solutions for our customers, moved us from using QuickBooks to adopting Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting software. (Back then, the logo was changing as often as the upgrades were occurring.)

Migration, migration, migration