KB 15-001

  • Full Payroll Menu

  • Setup

  • Payroll Setup

    • Additional Setup in the ribbon bar
    • Under the Advanced PTO Setup
      • Toggle on the Post PTO Amount to G/L
      • Enter GL department code for PTO Accrual G/L Account No


  • Setup

    • Payroll Codes

    • Go to the Vacation Pay code

    • Under the PTO Setup – this is where you set the parameters around the PTO Setup on the pay code.

    • Available as PTO Earnings Code – On
    • Use Hours Based PTO Accrual – On
    • Post PTO Accrual Amount to G/L – On
    • PTO Accrual Earnings Filter – Set the pay codes allowed to compute the accrual on
  • Earnings Posting Setup

    • This is where you set the Debit account to the Earnings code. Code is set to 23005



This Payroll Division controls the type and count of accruals. When you bring in time, accruals are created with the payroll check detail if they are hours dictated. If the accrual is set to an hours per year, the accrual is applied at the correct table of the division for hours allowed per pay period.

In this setup, the Debit of the earnings will post to the posting group earnings debit account. Accruals will post to 61250. Cash is offsetting the paid amount.

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