Search for W2 Distribution Management by selecting the search at the top right of the screen and type in W2 Distribution Management. Once it appears click on the module.

If you do not see this module when you search, contact support at support@integrity-data.com to get it installed.

When the module opens, you will need to Load the W2 employees for the year. Click on Process at the top of the ribbon and select Load W2 Employees.

This provides a list of all employees with earnings in the current year. If there are blocked or terminated employees with earnings for the year, they will show in this list.

Once this list is loaded you can begin processing W2’s.

Select Reports at the top of the ribbon and then select W2 Report

A window of options will open. You will need to select the format you will be printing. There are two formats available:

  1. 1 Form per page Layout
    With this format, no additional form purchase is needed. All forms can be printed for all employees or just one depending on the filter you pick.
    The Pages to print are as follows:
    Copy 1 – For State, City, or Local Tax Department
    Copy B – To Be Filed with Employee’s Federal Tax Return
    Copy C – For Employee’s Records
    Copy 2 – To Be Filed with Employee’s State, City, or Local Income Tax Return.
    Copy D – For Employer
  2. 4up Form
    Requires the purchase of 4up preprinted front and back form

If you print the 4up form and there are multiple states, it will print multiple forms for the same employee with only the 1st form showing the federal information

When printing the 4 up form, you may need to adjust the print down.  You can do this by selecting either 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch  in the options Tab.  Adjust Numbers Down.

With the 4up form, you have the option to Collapse Multiple Local taxes. When this option is selected, MULTIPLE will be displayed.  This enables more than one local tax to fit on one form. If unchecked, it will print an additional form for each locality with taxes. On the second form, the Federal numbers will not be printed.

If you choose to use the W2 Distribution Manager, you will want to put a check in the box “Set Printed to True”. This allows those employees to show as ‘Printed’ in the W2 distribution list.

Once you are ready, be sure to print all forms to a PDF first. Then, print from the PDF on blank paper or the preprinted forms depending on the layout you have selected.


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