If you’re in a company with 50 to 99 full-time employees (including full-time equivalents) and believe that Affordable Care Act compliance doesn’t yet apply to you, read on.

The IRS has clarified that you, too, must file for CY2015 the new forms that are required for Affordable Care Act reporting. Yes, this filing burden in Q1 2016 isn’t just for employers with 100 or more FTEs.

IRS Form 1095-C_Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution

IRS Form 1095-C, which is a yearly roundup of monthly breakdowns, represents the most intricate workforce reporting ever required of U.S. employers.

The recent IRS clarification means that:

  • By February 1, 2016, you are required to give every full-time employee their copy of the new IRS Form 1095-C (the employer’s statement of availability of employer-sponsored coverage).
  • By February 29, 2016, you are required to submit all these 1095-Cs along with their transmittal – the new Form 1094-C – to the IRS. (If you opt to electronically file, you will have until March 31, 2016.)

(If you are self-insured, you are required to produce and submit these forms