Tom FranzOne common issue customers experience is when the system fails to create or does not correctly create of the payroll deductions and benefits when saving changes to HR benefits.

Here are starting points to begin troubleshooting the issue:

  1. Ensure that the user that is experiencing the issue has the “Payroll View for Human Resources” marked on the “User Setup” window
  2. Check to see how the “Automatically Update Payroll Benefits & Deductions” check box is marked in the “Benefit Preferences” window (Tools > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits and Deductions > Benefit Preferences)
  3. Change this setting and retry saving the HR benefit
  4. Ensure the user experiencing the issue has access to the Deduction Setup, Benefit Setup, Deduction Maintenance and Benefit Maintenance windows
  5. Run HR Reconcile “Update Benefit Setup” and “Update Benefit Enrollment”
  6. Check the value of the COMPLETIONSTATUS_I field in the BE020230 (HR Benefit Setup) and the BE010130 (HR Benefit Enrollment) tables – all records in this table should be set to a 1
    1. This may help identify if there is a specific employee benefit that is causing an issue
  7. If you are sure that everything is setup correctly in HR and Payroll for a particular benefit code, set the COMPLETIONSTATUS_I to 1, then try changing and resaving the record and see if your problem goes away

Always remember to start editing benefits and deductions from the Human Resources window.

Here are some additional references that may help as well:

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by Tom Franz, Integrity Data