To get in front of some of the most influential people in your industry, just follow this simple tip shared by Gregory Ciotti in “Stick to the 3-B Plan when Emailing busy People,” posted on  Ciotti explains that the most influential people are often the busiest people, so when emailing them, you can expect better results when your message is short, to the point, and simple. Although you may be tempted to share the history of your company, why your product or service is better than your competitors, and respectfully ask a prospect to contact you, this is not the right time for a lengthy message.  Your first contact should grab your prospect’s attention right from the Subject Line so that they are inclined to open your email instead of delete it.  Once you have their attention, Ciotti suggests that you remember the 3-Bs:  Brevity, Blunt, and Basic.  Your email should be short in length, briefly explain why the prospect should contact you immediately, and is simple in design – making it easy to read.  Save the attachments for future contacts. Influential people often receive hundreds of emails every day and can be very selective on what they open and what they delete.  Get your foot in the door by exercising the 3-Bs today.