The IRS recently conducted their March ACA Information Returns webinar for software providers. Several talking points were discussed, but two in particular were of note and had value to a broader audience. Integrity Data would like to briefly share that content with you:

  1.  Many of you are familiar with Form 8809 used to obtain extensions for filing IRS forms. This is still an option for filing year 2017 (tax year 2016) and can be used to obtain an automatic 30 day extension for filing your forms, even if you are filing electronically.

    Take note that you should file this before the original deadline of March 31st. In the slide below you will find links to publication 1220 and the form 8809 used to file the extension. Page 3 of publication 1220 has a good quick reference for those who are first time filers of form 8809. The call out even refers to an additional extension that is available.

    PUB 1220 –
    FORM 8809 –

  2. Additionally there is the option of applying for a waiver of filing electronically if you have 250 or more forms to file. The same publication as above applies but the form is different, namely 8508. 

    FORM 8508 –

    The call out below shows that a 45 day lead time is required for this form, and that as of this writing, that date has already passed. HOWEVER, IRS resources delivering this presentation indicated that forms would still be processed and considered in even though the preferred lead time has elapsed. In other words, forms will still be considered for THIS FILING YEAR 2017 if you go to the effort to fill them out and send them in before the due date of the return. They remind filers that providing good reasonable cause information is important when seeking the waiver. 

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you have found it informative.