Not just antother company on ACA BandwagonThe Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Obama. At the time of signing, many businesses were unaware of the implications it would have on their business. Many software companies jumped on the ACA bandwagon, thinking they would make a quick buck offering some kind of solution for businesses facing this unprecedented information gathering task that was presented to them because of the Affordable Care Act mandates.

However, many software companies soon realized that there was no easy solution for ACA compliance. For example, the Affordable Care Act uses different business definitions such as “full time”:  what the average person considers to be full time employment (40 hours per week) is not counted the same under ACA. We explained these differences in our blog post Affordable Care Act Mandate Full Time Is Not What You Think It Is.  Also, companies that considered themselves too small to fall under this new law suddenly found out they did indeed have to comply, so helping companies figure out whether they were indeed an Applicable Large Employer (ALE for short) proved no easy task.

 The business world got turned on its head and as Software Company after Software Company jumped on the bandwagon to offer a solution, they eventually jumped off, realizing that they couldn’t keep up with the changes or the demands of ACA compliance. Obtaining all the necessary information on each and every employee, counting their hours in accordance with the new law and creating a detailed report for each of them is not easy to do. To top things off, any solution has to be updated continuously as the IRS has made ACA compliance seem like a moving target. This caused many software solutions to fall short on their promises, because they couldn’t be upgraded quickly enough to keep up with customer demands and IRS requirements.

A solid software solution for ACA needs to be comprehensive and trusted while still being easy to use and affordable. Integrity Data has been on top of this from the get-go, quickly responding to our customer’s requests for help. As our customers asked about what to do with commission-only sales people, military service employee, piecework employees, adjunct faculty, and so forth, we kept up. Why? Because this was not just an add on service we thought we could provide easily. We took the time to study the implications of the law and all that needed to be considered in order to be in compliance with the employer mandate and then created software that gives you a true comprehensive and continuously updated solution.

Whatever your ACA compliance needs, Integrity Data has you covered.