Clearing PPACA vs ACA confusion_Integrity DataWhy is all of what we have to sort through for Affordable Care Act compliance so complicated and fluid?

That’s a question we consistently hear from the business professionals using our software to comply with just one slice of the health law – the IRS reporting obligation under the ACA employer mandate.

To best answer this FAQ during one of our recent ACA User Group calls, we looked at the roots of this massive law’s complicating elements – and the compounding confusion they create.

Starting with its name.

Isn’t it the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

If you want to be official as can be in referring to the entirety of what has come to be known as “health care reform,” don’t you refer to “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”? Just referring to “the Affordable Care Act” is shorthand, right?


Affordable Care Act – ACA – is correct. And not just shorthand.

Here’s why:

Changes to the PPACA_Integrity Data explanatory chart