Productivity drops int eh summer heat

Business owners and managers may already know that worker productivity tends to drop during the summer months. Employees often take vacations during these months and can be distracted by after work and weekend events. Instead of fighting these distractions, provide an alternative way to improve productivity, such as allowing for flexible work options and encouraging employees to take vacation time when critical business needs are met.

According to a study discussed in “Too much fun in the sun: How HR can avoid productivity loss in the summer,” posted by Tom Starner on, productivity drops as much as 20% during the summer months. The Captivate Network study revealed that North American workers are 45% more distracted during the summer, attendance decreases by approximately 19% and it can take as much as 13% more time to complete projects. On top of that, workers that leave early on Friday experience higher stress levels and poor productivity when working extra hours Monday through Thursday in order to end the week early.

Starner offers several ways to reduce the potential for poor summer productivity, such as offering flexible work options and encouraging the use of vacation time. You may permit employees to work from home or leave early when certain tasks or projects are completed. This little bit of breathing room can reduce the pressure and the stress of trying to balance home and work activities. Similarly, encouraging vacation time can refresh workers and they are likely to be more productive when returning to the office after a relaxing vacation.

Manage Multiple Leave Codes with Comprehensive Leave Manager

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