If you read my last post, what did you think of Curly’s “one thing” idea?  Did it make sense? Do you believe it is even feasible to have one thing that your life is centered on? I ask every employee candidate I interview this question, “What do you center your life around?” The answers are very insightful.

Entrepreneurs do not watch the clock; long hours and multiple days worked in a row seem to be their M.O. (method of operation).  From the pursuit of happiness perspective: are entrepreneurs just harder working folks, or are they engaged in something they are passionate about?

Today in the U. S. there are over 930,000 “pentamillionaires,” folks whose net worth is in excess of $5 million. Seventy percent of the nation’s biggest family fortunes are less than 15 years old; meaning they did not inherit their wealth, they built it themselves. This group is predominantly entrepreneurs – those who are willing to take risks in pursuing their dreams. These people were not motivated by money – wealth was a result of engaging in something were passionate about. Wow, what a concept!

My wife and I visited a fishing resort near the Canadian border this summer. A man and wife team ran the resort. For almost 40 years they have owned/operated the resort. During the summer season (the time we were visiting the resort), 13+ hour days were typical for the owners. During winter they have a very robust ice fishing program, so the days are not really shorter. They were truly happy people; they had found their passion.  Serving people and making their visitors happy was the resort owners’ passion. They loved doing what they were doing. Note: passion is not measured by the heat of the moment, but by the level of commitment over a period of time, “Nearly 40 years of long days”

Remember when you were a child, who taught you to play? Did you watch the clock to make sure you didn’t play too long? On the other hand, we needed to be taught to work… Why is that?

Few are truly entrepreneurial; not many employees are fortunate enough to be engaged in their passion working for someone else. However, if you can engage in something you are passionate about on any level, it positively impacts your entire life (assuming what you are passionate about is legal). What do you do outside of your vocation? Do you have a hobby or are you actively volunteering?  If we can find our passion and engage it within our vocation or outside it, we will have greater fulfillment.

Recently, I was in my garage working on a restoration project and I realized how happy I was at that moment. The aphorism “A rising tide lifts all boats” occurred to me. As I was engaged in a passion of mine, my entire life brightened as a result. 

The best place to apply the work ethic is within your passion – go ahead, work hard and enjoy life.

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