Non profit organizations often rely on the support of a handful of staff, volunteers, and other supporters. Some of your key employees likely spend time working out of the office at conferences, meeting with constituents, or occasionally work from home. Managing payroll for non-profit organizations and keeping each of your teams apprised on certain activities can be challenging unless you have the right technology in place.

The right management solutions can smooth out these rough processes so you can remain focused on your mission and not distracted by inadequate software. These innovative add-on solutions can save you time, money, and support your nonprofit operations:

  • Negative Payroll Transactions: You can make adjustments to payroll mistakes in many accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. However, in just one step, you can adjust incorrectly paid earnings or make other adjustments with Negative Payroll Transactions. The time you save on payroll corrections can be better spent on other important tasks.
  • Employee Email Suite: Don’t waste time printing documents, stuffing envelopes, and mailing earnings statements or W-2 statements to your employees. With the Employee E-mail Suite, you can securely send financial information, as well as other important data, to your employees much faster. Not only will you save time, you can save money on postage which can add up quickly.
  • Employee Accounts and Splits: Employees may work for different departments or on different projects which require different pay rates and pay codes. Instead of manually tracking employee time and tasks, use the Employee Accounts and Splits to track both payroll and expenses across multiple cost centers.

The right technology can contribute to the growth and success of your non profit. Learn how you can save time, money, and streamline operations with these and other powerful solutions. Contact Integrity Data about these special offers and to learn more about smoothing out your rough payroll processes with better technology.