Many industries, particularly the healthcare industry, are faced with complicated payroll processes. It is not unusual to have employees work for other departments, different shifts, or under other conditions that require different pay-codes and pay-rates. You don’t have to be stuck with manual calculations and time consuming data-entry when you have the right payroll solutions in place.      

Although your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can provide support with complicated payroll, you need a more powerful and precise solution. You can save time, money, and reduce the frustration with complicated payroll processes by integrating a more robust payroll solution with your Dynamics GP Payroll system. For businesses in the healthcare industry, these add-ons can turn rough seas into smooth sailing. 

  • Employee Accounts & Splits: Employees can work across several departments at different pay rates, yet their costs must be allocated to the proper department, position, pay code, or other variable. Employee Accounts & Splits can streamline payroll and expense entry. You can also set up common split codes by employee or a group of employees that commonly split their time.
  • Enhanced Retirement Plans: Not every retirement plan is the same as the next and employees have more options to consider with many of today’s plans. With Enhanced Retirement Plans, you can provide the flexibility that your employees want without making it difficult to match contributions or comply with ever-changing IRS regulations. 
  • Negative Payroll Transactions: With employees coming and going and working with different shifts, departments, and pay rates, mistakes are bound to happen. Make corrections and adjustments quicker and easier with Negative Payroll Transactions. You can reverse incorrectly paid earnings or make adjustments to payroll amounts in fewer steps, which can save time and reduce the frustration that your payroll team and your employees may feel when these mistakes happen.

There has never been a better time to implement the payroll enhancements that you need to turn challenging healthcare payroll into smooth sailing. Contact Integrity Data to learn more about these powerful payroll solutions and turn complicated, frustrated payroll into a much smoother, easier process.