Many governmental offices or others in the public sector may be stuck with limited budgets; however, that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with a limited business management solution fo government payroll processing. Improve your technology and you can save time and improve productivity, which can also improve relationships with those you serve.

Using the wrong technology can be a drag on your limited resources. Multiple software licenses can become difficult to manage, as well as expensive, and transcribing data from one solution to another can waste time that you and your team don’t have. Don’t let your management system sink your ship, find the solutions that can keep your office sailing smoothly, like these:

  • Negative Payroll Transactions: Payroll mistakes happen and fixing them can be a nightmare. With Negative Payroll Transactions, you can enter negative pay code transactions to reverse earnings on previous payroll runs. You can reverse incorrectly paid earnings or make other adjustments quicker and easier with this solution compared to manual processes or entry-level accounting software.
  • Employee E-mail Suite: Save time, money, and reams of paper by sending out earnings statements or W-2 statements directly from your Microsoft Dynamics GP system to your employees with the Employee E-mail Suite. You can email a secure PDF statement or other corporate information, and be confident that your important documents are not lost or delayed in the mail and your employees can access that information quickly and easily.
  • Comprehensive Leave Manager: Managing sick, vacation, administrative, holiday, and other common leave codes can be confusing and time-consuming. In addition, employees can interrupt your payroll team to ask questions about time they have available when they are planning vacations. You can manage an unlimited number of user-defined leave codes with the Comprehensive Leave Manager. You can use carry-over options, manage pay-outs if offered, and allow employees to check their own leave balances using a secure self-service portal. 

Don’t get stuck in low tide with inadequate management software. Contact Integrity Data to learn about the solutions that can turn the tide on payroll processes so you see smooth sailing ahead in 2015.