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We in the business world have found ourselves in the middle of yet another digital transformation era. In the last 25 years, we have all moved to the web, social media, mobile platforms and now transitioning to the cloud. Just like the other transformations, there are early adopters and then there are those who sit back and wait for it to standardize. Nothing wrong with either of those strategies, as far as I’m concerned.

While one can argue the length at which we’ve been in this transformation to the cloud specifically, from an accounting and ERP application perspective, I think we are still in the early stages.

Wherever you are in that cloud transformation cycle, it’s okay. You won’t be left behind. Move through that transformation as you see fit, when you are ready, when it makes sense for your organization, your employees, your customers and your overall IT strategy. Just like when we are shopping at the mall, I tell my wife to take her time, move at her pace, we’ll leave when she is ready. Yeah, that’s a load of crap – I tell her to hurry up! We have other things to do! I digress.

In our Microsoft Dynamics community, Microsoft has been playing the part of me at the shopping mall and some of us are my wife. While the cloud picture is becoming clearer and maybe even more inviting all the time, you still have to move at your pace. Pressure to hurry doesn’t help and usually ends up costing more in the long run…again, much like my situation at the mall.


Why is Integrity Data involved?

From a business perspective, Integrity Data has been supporting Dynamics GP customers for over 20  years – more specifically, those organizations processing payroll in-house. With pressure to move to the cloud increasing, either because of internal requirements or external pressure, and with the dawning of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central, we too have ventured into the cloud ERP transformation.

It began in early 2018. We decided it was time to deliver a payroll application for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Two main reasons for this – first, Microsoft isn’t going to build the payroll component for Business Central. Second, we want to continue to serve our loyal customers as they move from their traditional Dynamics application to the cloud via Business Central. We can proudly say, the Payroll NOW by Integrity Data solution does just that.


What does payroll in the cloud look like?

You can have peace of mind knowing the Payroll NOW by Integrity Data app for D365 Business Central is going to provide you with a complete cloud payroll system with great features including electronic tax filing, employee self-service, ACA compliance, and more features on the way.

Microsoft’s cloud platform will also enable the organizational wide deployment of key decision making tools on the Power Platform. This next generation of integrated financial applications delivered anywhere on any device really does make the sky the limit. That’s the vision, the long term play, and the future for you on the Dynamics platform and we are excited to be part of it.

Don’t fret, we’re not trying to rush you to the cloud.

However, when you are ready, know that the payroll piece of the cloud puzzle has been put in place for you – and we’ll help you through that process.


Can you benefit?

No matter your industry, whether you are coming from another system, or migrating from Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL or Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, our goal remains the same: to help you as the employer cultivate successful employees through our products and services. We’ve been here for over two decades and we’re committed to being here for the long haul as we all transform into the new normal that the latest technology wave brings us.

For further discussion about Payroll NOW by Integrity Data, please fill out this contact form. I’d be happy to chat with you about your current payroll situation and what you’re hoping to achieve now or in the future.


Dan Doolin, Senior Solutions Strategist