The Shift to Online Time and AttendanceReporting is a heavy responsibility that keeps many HR executives awake at night. In fact, one of the greatest pain points in the industry is the manual capture and reporting of employee hours, and the time and effort constraints it places on the business. When you handle timesheets manually, it’s easy to forget entries and make costly errors. Inaccurate payroll and compliance risks are a real threat and can lead to punitive fines.

For example, overtime laws vary drastically state-by-state, which makes payroll a compliance headache. Fortunately, today’s more advanced online time and attendance software can help to remove the burden of these trickier jobs.

Faster Approvals, Automatic Reminders

Now it’s possible to take a break from timesheets, punch cards, and exhausting afternoons calculating your employees’ hours. With the latest time and attendance software, staff can edit their hours, and track hourly rates, expenses, and overtime. They can even confirm punch-in punch-out attendance directly on their phone. Managers are equipped to approve timesheets with just a couple of clicks, keeping up to date with automatic reminders.

When teams can track time-based on billable or non-billable hours, it’s easier to precisely estimate the total cost of any project that involves hourly employees. On top of that, HR teams can have scheduling reports with custom filters sent to them on a regular basis. They can avoid understaffing thanks to time-off reports (based on customized time-off policies), and quickly spot employee utilization trends.

Weekly hours limits are a good example of employee utilization. It becomes clear when co-workers are overloaded and struggling to fill their time.