Tom Franz, Integrity DataWith spring break at its peak right now, most of us, as employees, ARE ready for a vacation. Unfortunately, many human resource departments are not.

Handling paid time off can be a time consuming process, from ensuring that employees are accruing the correct amount of time based on variables like length-of-service, hours worked, waiting periods, and maximum and carry-over limits, to ensuring that the time taken is accounted for correctly.  They may have even more challenges ensuring that they are allocating the correct amount of mandated paid sick leave. Thankfully, there are solutions in place to handle these needs, and no, I’m not referring to Excel.

While Excel can technically fill the calculation and tracking needs for paid time off, it is a manual process and doesn’t share paid time off information with employees and managers. Microsoft Dynamics® GP, out of the box, will allow employer with simple needs to accommodate some of their paid time off requirements. The Human Resources module in Dynamics GP also has some limited functionality surrounding attendance needs. Companies that have purchased the HR Payroll Extended Pack also have PTO Manager in their toolbox that can fill many needs related to paid time off. All of these solutions have limitations that prevent most employers from fully automating their paid time off accruals and taken time tracking. In these situations, the Comprehensive Leave Manager product will fill the void left by these other solutions.

Comprehensive Leave Manager can handle the most complex calculations for accruing paid time off, including lump sum accruals and comp time for public-sector employers. Additionally, the self-service functionality in Comprehensive Leave Manager means that human resource professionals are not burdened with requests surrounding available time and detailed transaction information that justifies a balance.

Want more information, click here to see a detailed video on your options for tracking paid time off in Dynamics GP.

by Tom Franz, Product Manager at Integrity Data