No matter what organization you work for, processing payroll is not a “cut and dry” task.  There are unique situations popping up all the time.  With regard to negative deductions, for example:

  • An employee may submit an expense report, but have no wages for that pay period OR
  • A health insurance premium has been deducted but due to termination, it has been over-withheld and needs to be reversed out OR
  • You need to make an adjustment to a previous deduction amount on a paycheck without modifying deduction maintenance records.

If you’ve encountered any or all of these situations and struggle with the inflexibility of Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, you’ll want to read more about Integrity Data’s Negative Deductions Enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll.

This enhancement is coming soon and makes it possible to enter negative deductions in special negative deduction batch (for multiple transactions), or a normal batch (for smaller number of transactions).  Download the factsheet to learn more and contact us if you have any questions!