When work is demanding, the car breaks down, it’s raining, and you wore mismatched socks to work, you might feel your pulse quicken and wonder why you even got out of bed. Stress is bad for your body, reducing your ability to focus and leads to an unproductive day. Jane Porter shares tips on stopping stress in its tracks so you can get back to work in “7 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Now” posted on Entrepreneur.com.

When you are at your wits end, Porter suggests counting your breath or singing it out. Control your breathing by counting while you breathe in deeply, then exhale deeply. Controlled breathing will take focus off your stressor and also slows your racing pulse. Singing also slows your pulse, as well as introduces a level of silliness or humor. Laughing aloud or focusing on a vacation photo will remind you of happier times. Happy thoughts are calming and will instill a better attitude for facing the challenges causing stress.

Learning how to relax during stressful workdays will help you get through the challenges and interruptions at work, and in life, with focus and the right mindset.