KB 15-009

General Setup:

  • Go to Full Payroll Menu
  • Under:  Setup, Click On:  Payroll Setup


  • In the section “General”:
  • Click On, Allow Manual Holidays = ON


Update “_REGULAR” Payroll Calc Formula:

  • Go To Full Payroll Menu
  • Under:  Setup, Click:  Payroll Calc Formulas


  • Select:  “_REGULAR”
  • Click:  Setup
  • Click:  Lines

  • Make sure you have a line for HOLIDAY as follows:

Create the Holiday Calendar:

  • In Business Central, click on the search icon in the top-right corner
  • Search for “Payroll Calendar”
  • Click on the link for “Payroll Calendar List”


  • Click:  Related
  • Click:  Base Calendar
  • Click:  Edit Calendar

Add next year’s company-observed holidays

  • Recurring System = Special Day
  • Date =
  • Day = (this will automatically populate based on the date that’s entered)
  • Description = enter description of the holiday
  • Nonworking = checked
  • Nonworking Hours = 8


Questions / Resources

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