W2 Mapping

All deduction, earning and employer contribution payroll codes need to be verified before running W2.

When payroll codes are setup, it is important to identify the W2 classification of that code. You will want to make sure that the W2 Classification box is marked with the appropriate Box and Code. You will want to be sure all items that are required to be reported are mapped to the appropriate boxes. Taxable wages and taxes withheld for federal withholdings, Social Security, Medicare, State Withholding Tax and Local Withholding Tax will already be mapped. Any additional taxes withheld, such as State Disability Tax or Paid Leave will not be mapped automatically. Also, it is best practice to only map codes that are required. Deductions such as Vision Insurance or Flexible Medical Spending are not required and often take up too much space on the W2, which causes it to carry over to multiple pages.


Be sure to watch for earning codes that are required to be reported in Box 12 and Box 14.

The new requirement for reporting Qualified Sick Leave or Qualified Family Leave Wages that have been reported on the 941 under FFCRA will need to be mapped to Box 14 and designated which type of leave they are associated with. Below is an example of how to map your COVID Pay.

Other earnings will need to mapped the same way if they are required to be reported in Box 12 or Box 14.


Deduction Codes

For deductions that are required to be reported are mapped in a similar way. Here is an example of retirement plans and health insurance.

A 401k Traditional plan has a W2 classification of box 12D while a 401k ROTH plan has a W2 classification of box 12AA.

There are different box classifications for different payroll codes.


In the BENEFIT SETUP section there is a check box for W2 RETIREMENT PLAN. This needs to be checked for plans that are classified by the IRS as “Retirement Plan” for box 13 of the W