Accruals are built to compute on the first processing of a Pay Cycle. The Pay Cycle name is attached posted documents as you process pay and compute all additional activity inside of pay processing.

There is a hierarchy that needs to be observed. 

  • Creating Additional Pay AFTER you have created the current Pay Cycle
    • You can simply re-run the same pay cycle name AFTER you have created the Payroll run and re-use the dates to populate Posting and Pay Dates.
  • Creating Additional Pay PRIOR to creating regular Payroll Run for the upcoming Payroll
    • If you create additional pay in advance of creating pay you need to chose the pay cycle period PRIOR to the upcoming payroll cycle.
    • You can manually update the payment and posting dates to post and pay when you want.

NOTE: Pay Cycle Name is the driver of the computation of accruals. There is code to PREVENT additional accruals of PTO on multiple Pay Runs. Therefore the Pay Cycles need observed.


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