Here are a Few of My Favorite Things in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll PART 3: Comprehensive Leave TrackingAfter telling you all about the GP Payroll Freebies and some affordable Payroll Mistake Fixers, time to turn to my all-time favorite:

Comprehensive Leave Tracking

Leave management has evolved into so much more than just vacation time and sick days. Companies might offer comp time, allow employees to utilize time for volunteer activities, or provide personal days that employees can use to just take a day off every now and then. Managing a variety of leave time with varying rules can become complicated. Also, staying compliant with mandated sick leave laws can get tricky. Comprehensive Leave Manager, a modern add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll that allows you to create and manage unlimited types of leave with varying rules in GP Payroll, can really streamline your leave management activities. And just like that, comprehensive leave tracking is no longer a burden to the payroll team!

See how it compares to PTO Manager: Watch the video “Comprehensive Leave Manager vs. PTO Manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

Add all these to your list of favorite things and have more time to watch that movie, curl up in that blanket, and drink the hot chocolate.

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