|| Written by Dan Doolin, Senior Account Executive

As we gathered in Nashville last week for the GPUG summit event, I had mentally prepared for another big conference; making certain we have everything for the booth, meetings scheduled, logo wear packed, and goals set.

As an event sponsor/exhibitor with a hefty investment in the event, we centered much of our focus in preparation around the potential for new sales and a satisfactory ROI on the event.

The Expo Reception kicked off the event and the sessions went into full swing. We interacted with Dynamics GP and Integrity Data customers to answer questions, provide insight, direct to other solutions, clarify Microsoft terminology, and share helpful information about our fantastic software.

For example, I attended a session in which one of our payroll solution customers raised an issue that he was experiencing with one of our products. Initially, I was alarmed that he raised this issue in front of a group of 50 other users. However, after the session, we met in the hallway, discussed his situation, and engaged our support team who quickly provided a resolution that afternoon. They key takeaway was that this customer came to the event with a problem, and was able to get it addressed quickly – an opportunity made available because of the outstanding collaboration at the GP User Group Summit.

It was quickly evident that my focus shifted in that moment. It wasn’t just about our company having an ROI on the event – it was about the attendees having a satisfactory ROI on the event. I’m not the only one, that attitude seemed to permeate the Integrity Data team, other ISVs and Partners. The GP Community has a family atmosphere to begin with and this year, that was more obvious than ever.

This was my eighth consecutive GPUG Summit event and this time it wasn’t just another conference I hope to get a great financial ROI on, but it is really about helping our collective customers with the questions and hang-ups they are experiencing. It’s too soon to know how many new sales we will generate out of this event, but we have already determined it to be a huge success based on the number of “Thank You!” comments we heard throughout the week. “Thanks for answering my question,” “Thanks for sponsoring,” “Thanks for helping me better understand,” “Thanks for sponsoring a nice party for customers to attend” and “Thanks for dinner.”

As we packed up to come home, tired feet and all, our team concluded we had completed our mission: do as much as we can in the User Group community to help our collective customers.

And that, my friends, is what this business is all about.

THANK YOU from the Integrity Data Team