If you have copies of 250 or more 1095-Cs to submit, you must electronically file your 1094-C (transmittal of the 1095-Cs) with the IRS. If you have 249 and fewer 1095-C forms to submit, e-filing is optional but recommended.

Our ACA Compliance Solution will generate the required XML file for you – we were the first software vendor to earn e-filing approval in the new IRS system for ACA returns – but you will have to submit it.

To electronically file, you will need a TCC (Transmitter Control Code) for the IRS’s new, ACA-specific e-filing system. This is not the transmitter code you use for e-filing W-2s, which go to a system called FIRE. That system will not accept 1095/1094 forms. The only system that will accept 1095/1094 returns is AIR (Affordable Care Act Information Returns). So a different TCC is needed to access the AIR system and it must be applied for separately.

We strongly recommend applying for a TCC to the AIR system now. For the steps in how to do this, please go to the following IRS page: Registering to Electronically File Information Returns Through AIR.

Using the Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution, you will select Issuer as the role.  You would select AFA for ACA Internet Transmitter as the method.