PayrollIt happens – a typographical error, a misplaced decimal, or the wrong pay code gets entered. Payroll is processed and then mistakes are discovered.  Frustrating and distracting due to the time it takes to make the correction.  Reduce the number of steps it takes to correct a payroll mistake with some great add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

This is a busy time of year for closing out the books, keeping track of holiday and vacation time, and preparing next year’s budgets.  Mistakes can happen. With many business management solutions, a simple payroll mistake can take up to 17 steps to correct.  With so much on your plate, wasting time making payroll corrections can be frustrating and delay other important tasks.  Here are several ways you can streamline payroll adjustments with greater efficiency: 

  1. Payroll corrections: There are many ways to make mistakes with payroll transactions and correcting them can be challenging.  Negative Payroll Transactions is a simple solution that can be integrated with your business software, turning a multi-step process into a single-step process.  You can enter a negative payroll transaction and in one step, data is carried through the entire payroll process including core payroll reports.  In addition, the General Ledger is updated, appropriate credits or debits are made, and an audit trail is generated.
  2. Rate changes: Another common payroll complication occurs when employees experience rate changes in the middle of a payroll period.  Instead of manually calculating changes, automate the process with Mid Pay Period Rate Changes.  This solution can capture pay rate changes, the date they are implemented, and automatically calculate pay using the proper rate before and after the rate change. 
  3. Correct withholdings: The cost of healthcare and life insurance are automatically withheld from an employee’s paycheck.  However, there are often limits to the amount that can be withheld.   Easily refund deductions when necessary with Negative Deductions and monitor changes in the Negative Deduction Transaction Report which details both converted and non-converted deductions. 

Payroll mistakes happen and can often take a long time to correct.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about these and other payroll solutions that can help you avoid common payroll errors or fix them faster.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois