Many businesses that once outsourced payroll are now bringing those activities back in house.  Advances in business management solutions, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, have made it easier for managing payroll without sacrificing the time or productivity of your accounting and payroll team.  However, what may be unexpected is the amount of questions that employees often have about payroll. 

Your accounting and payroll team has enough hurdles to jump without the constant interruptions by other employees.  Overtime, splits, rate changes, and other variables can complicate payroll and questions from employees can distract them from their tasks.  Distractions can reduce productivity and lead to costly mistakes.  Add this simple tool to your GP Payroll solution and enable employees to answer their own questions.

The Paycheck “What If” Calculator can be used by employees who want to see how their compensation may change if they make adjustments to payroll variables such as bonuses, withholding, deductions, and other benefit changes.  A common question from employees is the impact of making changes to State or Federal exemptions, for example.  Instead of distracting your payroll team, your employee can create their own mock payroll, make changes to their exemptions, and see how their paycheck may change.  Similarly, employees can make mock changes to deductions, taxable benefits, or other potential changes in compensation.  Employee changes do not affect the master record. 

Without this, your payroll team would need to make changes to the master record in order to evaluate the potential changes that an employee is considering.  The payroll representative would have to remember to reverse or reset those changes to their original setting.  A simple typographical mistake or unintended change could result in an error with an employee’s paycheck, which might lead to an unhappy employee and additional time spent trying to correct that mistake. Allowing employees to evaluate these scenarios themselves, with the Paycheck “What If” Calculator, saves time within the payroll department and also protects the integrity of the payroll data. 

Improve productivity in the accounting and payroll departments and give your employees the ability to evaluate paycheck changes on their own.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about reducing interruptions in your accounting department with the Paycheck “What If” Calculator and other time-saving payroll add-on solutions.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR