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I had the pleasure of attending Microsoft Dynamics® GP sessions at Convergence 2015 and thought you could benefit from some things that were presented and discussed. Here is my recap of Terry Heley and Adam Gaber’s session – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 through Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Human Resources/Payroll.

Terry and Adam discussed and demonstrated the new features that have been added to Dynamics GP. Of course, at the start of the session, they took the time to encourage all the Dynamics GP 2010 customer to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. The agenda covered topics from prerequisites for the new functionality, employee self-service, benefit self-service and the Affordable Care Act changes that Microsoft has made.

The key prerequisites for the new self-service functionality are

  • The need to have employees setup in Dynamics GP as a GP user
    • Microsoft is already selling and will be updating Dynamics GP 2015 R2 to support the new “Self-Service” user type
    • These users will only have access to the self-service functionality in Dynamics GP
  • Usage of the new workflow 2.0 for the payroll self-service features

In Dynamics GP 2013 R2, Microsoft added the first self-service functionality, that being timecard entry. Additionally, they added project time entry as well. For Dynamics GP 2015 RTM, Microsoft added Employee Profile functionality to the suite of employee self-service.

The Employee Profile functionality includes the following components:

  • View/Edit
    • Personal Information (Name, address, phone number, marital status, etc.)
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Dependents
  • View Only
    • Position History

Some other components added are:

Pay Stubs

Employees can now view their pay stubs via the new “Pay Stubs” navigation list in Dynamics GP. The stub now includes the pay period start and end date as well.

Benefits View

Employees can now view employee and employer benefit information.

Direct Deposit

Employees can now change their direct deposit information and have the ability to “Stop Deposit” as well.


Employees can now see and make changes to their federal withholding information. No new yearly updates to the W-4 like we used to have in Business Portal. There is also visibility to historical changes as well.

Skills & Training

Employees can now see and edit Education, Tests, Skill & Training information. Certification & License information will be included with Dynamics GP 2015 R2.

Benefit Self Service

Many improvements have been made to the Benefit Self Service functionality in Dynamics GP 2015 R2 including:

  • Multiple plan documents allowed
  • User defined information provided to &/or collected from employees during enrollment
  • User defined order of enrollment options
  • Flexible start and end dates for enrollment periods
  • Enrollment information in Excel
  • Returning enrollments to employees rather than deleting the enrollment information
  • Post only selected enrollments

Next, they discussed the various deployment options for self-service functionality, including:

  • Traditional rich client
  • Terminal Server
  • Web Client

You may want to consider “Are SQL CAL’s a “hidden cost” for Dynamics GP Self-Service users?” when planning your self-service deployment options.

Canadian Payroll customers can now benefit from support in web client.  Microsoft is releasing a new Time Management Application for Dynamics GP.  It’s pretty simple, but will run on Windows, Android and Apple!  Next, they had a discussion on the Affordable Care Act, discussing how you use the HR module to track the information needed for the 1095-C/1094-C reporting that will be available with the March 2015 hotfix release.  The reminded us that upgrades are all-inclusive.  So, if customers install a year-end update and they have not yet applied an update for an “R” release, they will get the feature release in addition to the year-end changes.

New features coming in R2:

  • Employee self-service for W-2s
  • Self-Service user types
  • Hide/Show SSNs
  • Time Management App

They finished up by talking about features that released in Dynamics GP 2013:

  • Payroll Code Modifier
  • Pay Code History Edits
  • Build Checks Exception Report
  • Preventing Duplicate Payroll Check Numbers
  • Default Check Alignment Changes
  • Deduction Sequencing for FICA TSA’d Deductions
  • Deduction in Arrears Features
  • Payroll Integration to Payables Features
  • PTO Manager Features
  • Advanced HR Features
  • Life Insurance Benefit Enhancements
  • VETS Tracking
  • Requisition List
  • Applicant Emails

Lots of reasons to ensure your Dynamics GP Payroll and Human Resources system is running on the latest version.  Overall, it was a great session and I’m really excited at the possibilities that this new functionality will open up for customers and for Integrity Data!  Look for some great new functionality coming from us soon!

Convergence 2015 Session Recap by Tom Franz, Product Manager at Integrity Data

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