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Finally getting my feet back under me after returning from Atlanta. It was a great week with lots of customer and partner conversations. The highlight of my week had to be the great interaction Patrick and I had with the attendees of our session on the new Benefit Self Service functionality. We were able to demonstrate the new functionality and show how businesses can leverage it for better employee engagement, all the while reducing the administrative burden on HR.

Here is a recap of our session: New benefits management and enrollment functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

Here are a few features that we covered:

  • Ability for HR to “return” an enrollment to employee for changes / completion (rather than deleting and making them start over)
  • Ability to gather user-defined information during enrollments that may be necessary for benefit providers or other business needs
  • Does not require the use of HR benefits
  • User-defined benefit types
  • Ability to have a single HR benefit irrespective of option (single, employee + 1, or family coverage) selected
  • Ability to arrange benefits in the order you would like them to appear for employees
  • Multiple plan documents per benefit
  • Benefit plan prerequisites (basic life insurance would be a prerequisite for supplemental life coverage)
  • Detailed enrollment reports for employees
  • Increased visibility for current selections during enrollment
  • Combined employee beneficiaries and dependents
  • Easy analysis of enrollment status
  • For more, click through our slidedeck below.

After the presentation, we discussed prerequisites and licensing for Benefit Self Service and some of the unique features that will make users’ lives easier.

You can see the embedded slide deck below (or click here to view):

The Extended Payroll/HR Pack is available from Microsoft and currently priced at $7000 and self-service user licenses are $60 each. Also, you may want to consider “Are SQL CAL’s a “hidden cost” for Dynamics GP Self-Service users?” 

We finished up by providing a few links to some helpful information:

Tom’s GPUG Blog: Benefits Self Service for Dynamics GP 2015

Terry Heley Blog: Benefit Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, the product that makes your Benefit Open Enrollment process stress-free!

Implementation Guide

Terry Heley Video

If you made it to our session in Atlanta, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you were unable to make it, I hope this information is helpful!

Convergence 2015 Session Recap by Tom Franz, Product Manager at Integrity Data

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