Tom Franz, Integrity DataConvergence 2015 was a great event with some very helpful HR/Payroll content for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. One of the concurrent sessions that was presented was “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015—Employee self-service” by Microsoft’s Theresa Nistler, a Senior Program Manager. She presented on all the new employee self-service features that have been added since (and including) Dynamics GP 2013 R2.


One of the key take-a-ways from this session includes how to get an employee logged into the system as a self-service user. Fundamentally, you create a Dynamics GP user in User Setup. Then, assign that User ID to the employee in the Employee Maintenance window. One important consideration, Microsoft will be adding a “Self-Service” User Type in Dynamics GP 2015 R2. Until you upgrade to R2, you will want to use the “Limited” user for your employee “self-service” users.

Nistler 2

There is a lot of new functionality added to Dynamics GP for employee facing functionality. I would encourage you to take a look some of these key components when deciding on whether or not to upgrade. These new features may tip the scale for your organization:

  • Timecard Entry
  • Project Timecard Entry
  • Project Expense
  • Requisitions
  • Employee Profile
  • Benefit Self-Service

Additionally, Microsoft added several new payroll related workflows using the new workflow engine that came out with Dynamics GP 2013 R2. If you have 30 minutes, take a look at Terry Heley’s video on the new HRP features added to Dynamics GP 2015 here:

by Tom Franz, Product Manager for Integrity Data