(mistakes) Another Payroll Mistake? Fix it Fast with These 2 Payroll Processing Solutions

Making and correcting mistakes after processing payroll is often a frustrating, time-consuming process for your payroll team. It happens, probably more often than you’d prefer. Correcting these mistakes doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. Save time, money and frustration with these two payroll processing add-on solutions to Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll.

Payroll mistakes happen; it’s a common occurrence that frustrates payroll teams everywhere. Unfortunately, even with modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, reversing incorrectly paid earnings is a time-intensive manual process that can take as many as 17 steps to complete. Multiply that process by multiple employees and your payroll team could easily waste hours or days reversing earnings. Clearly this is not a productive use of their time. There is an easier way to correct payroll mistakes. Fix them fast with these two payroll processing solutions:

  1. Negative Payroll Transactions: Turn 17 steps into just one single correction with Negative Payroll Transactions. Simply enter the negative pay code transaction to reverse incorrectly paid earnings or make other adjustments. The correction is then carried through the payroll process and all reports are appropriately updated including the posting journals and the general ledger.
  2. Negative Deductions Enhancement: Similarly, over withholding deductions, such as those associated with health or life insurance, can be complicated and time-consuming to fix. Negative Deductions Enhancement streamlines the process. You enter the deductions and let the system handle the rest of the process. Deductions may appear on a check with wages or a check without wages, resulting in a net positive check. The system provides a report showing converted and non-converted deductions during the payroll process.

The payroll process is already challenging enough, especially as your bus