If locking your office door each night is your idea of securing your company’s payroll and HR information, you could be asking for trouble.

There’s an old adage that seeing is believing, and for many companies, being able to see their Dynamics GP server is as good as believing it’s safe and secure. The decision to house your GP Payroll servers in your office, however, could be opening up your sensitive information to a number of security risks.

So what do you have to worry about if your Dynamics GP servers are housed in your office?

Unsecure Physical Locations

How many people can physically access your servers? What controls do you have in place for data handling? Usage? Storage? Unless you have a full-scale data center, chances are good that your servers are housed in a closet or a small room somewhere in your office—that means they are vulnerable to everything from theft to spilled coffee, overheating or neglect. If your company is subject to regulatory audits, the situation could be even worse. 


The cyber threat landscape is diverse, and Trojans, malware, phishing campaigns and viruses are increasingly more difficult to detect. If you want to ensure your in-house servers are secured from these threats, you should be running weekly vulnerability scans, have a regular patching schedule, implement web application firewalls, and put in place antispam, antimalware and antivirus protections.


What happens if the power goes out in your office? Where is your data if the server room floods? Every office building has a threat landscape, and whether that’s wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes or flooding, securing your payroll data means knowing what that risk is and how to mitigate it. Ask yourself what will happen to your payroll data if your physical GP server is damaged beyond repair—if the answer is, “I don’t know,” there’s no time like the present to begin building a recovery plan.

Internet Protection

Popularized by Anonymous and now cheaper than a month subscription to Netflix, Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, attacks are hitting small and large companies. These attacks are designed to consume your company’s internet bandwidth, and combatting them successfully is a full-time job. Should your business come under attack, your office could be without internet for hours—or days.

Year after year, security is regularly cited as the number one reservation business leaders have about moving their servers and operations to the cloud. What many business leaders don’t know, however, is that cloud providers often offer more stringent security measures than most businesses can afford to build onsite.

If you’re worried about the security of your payroll and HR data, contact Myappsanywhere to learn more about running your Microsoft Dynamics GP and Integrity Data applications in our secure cloud environment.