Microsoft recently announced the discontinuation of Business Portal (BP) in the latest upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2015.  However, most BP features – including Benefit Self Service – will be retooled so that they can be rendered in the web client. As we mentioned in a previous blog post “Out with the Old, In with the New”, this will be to your benefit! 

Here’s some more information on how it will affect GP HR and Payroll functionality:

The focus has changed from continuing to develop the existing Business Portal to moving most functionality into the core code base of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, making the data available to end-users through the web client. Most functionality is set to be included with the GP 2015 RTM release due out in November.  Functionality being moved over includes:

  • Business Portal
  • Business Portal Employee Users and Customer users via the new “Limited User” role
  • Requisition Management
  • SOX Accelerator for Business Portal
  • Benefits Self Service (BSS)
  • Certification, License & Enhanced Training Information
  • HRM Self-Service Suite
    • Time and Expense for Business Portal
    • Time and Attendance
    • Employee Pay and Employee Profile
    • Recruitment
    • Skills and Training 

Making changes to the business software that people are comfortable with is not taken lightly.  We at Integrity Data have been working on the new BSS functionality, incorporating years of customer feedback to create a far superior product than what we have now. We anticipate that users will be pleased with the new flexibility and usability, including unlimited user defined benefit enrollment information and unlimited benefit types (no longer limited to Health, Life & Disability, Retirement and Miscellaneous).

The software solution you have in place today and the one you may be upgrading to, as well as which functionalities you need to retain and/or add, will determine how you move forward.  As with any software upgrade, work with your software provider to discuss changes in software features and functions and create a timeline for the upgrade tasks such as (re)entering setup data and, depending on the web client user count, possibly adding additional web client servers to handle the additional users on the system.

Contact Integrity Data for additional guidance and support with upgrading your business solutions and navigating the changes that you may experience as BP is discontinued.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois