There are often many options for an employee to use when requesting time off – sick time, vacation, personal time off, holiday, Family Medical Leave Act, and any other reason allowed by your corporate policy.  Managing the details of each employee leave request can be challenging, especially when you have a high headcount, unless you have the Comprehensive Leave Manager

Managing paid and unpaid leave for employees can be time intensive, especially when you offer a variety of time off options and you have a growing headcount.  Manual spreadsheets and calculations can lead to mistakes and unhappy employees.  Add automation and precision with the Comprehensive Leave Manager and take the confusion out of managing employee leave.

Now Comprehensive Leave Manager offers three new features that will make it even easier to manage employee leave details:

  1. Leave dates:  Now you can track the ‘Taken From’ and ‘Taken To’ dates on taken leave transactions.  You can track when they’ve taken time off and when they’ve accrued new time.  You and your employees can use this data to monitor when time is being used, how much, and when they have available time to request off.
  2. Year-to-date hours:  In addition to monitoring dates taken, the Comprehensive Leave Manager will display the accrual year-to-date hours worked and the calendar year-to-date hours worked on the Employee Leave Maintenance window. 
  3. Reporting made easy:  When the user ‘Reprints Checks’ in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Check Inquiry window, you can print leave codes, earned and taken time off, and time available on the Duplicate Pay Stub report.

Don’t struggle with calculating and monitoring the paid and unpaid leave that your employees accrue and use.  Save time, improve accuracy of accruals and time used, and let the Comprehensive Leave Manager handle the work for you.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about the new features offered in the Comprehensive Leave Manager as well as the other human resources and payroll solutions that can streamline HR and payroll activities.

Also, stay tuned for another CLM feature coming soon that will allow multiple accrual schedules and the ability to run them together or automatically turn one accrual off and start a new one (for example after 1 year of hire). 

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR