Mid PayEmployees may be eligible for pay rate changes between pay periods. Making mid pay period rate changes isn’t a problem when you have the Mid Pay Period Rate Changes add-on solution. Now you can easily make changes while comparing the new pay rate against the old pay rate without having to view multiple employee windows.

Timing is everything, especially when one of your employees get a raise. Not all pay changes are likely to occur at the most convenient time during payroll processing. On top of that, you may need to make mid-payroll rate changes for one employee or a group of employees, which can get hectic as your business grows. Managing mid-payroll changes doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right tools, you can manage mid-payroll rate changes with ease.

The Mid Pay Period Rate Changes add-on module by Integrity Data can be used to manage employee pay rate information during a payroll run. You can automatically capture changes when a rate change occurs and the data will be stored within the system for use during the pay run. For salary changes, Mid Pay Period Rate Changes allows you to change the salary rate and the system will automatically calculate the days for the old and new salary amount during the build process. For hourly rate changes, the system allows you to automatically update the payroll transactions in the recurring batches to reflect the rate change. What this really means for you is that one pay rate change on the Employee Pay Code Maintenance window is all that is required. You no longer need to manually update recurring payroll transactions that have been changed. You just select “yes” to update the transactions and the system automatically updates, which saves you time and protects the accuracy and consistency of payroll processing. In the most recent update to the Mid Pay Period Rate Changes add-on, you will now be able to see an employee’s current rate, as it’s assigned to a specific pay code, in addition to the old rate. 

Complicated payroll processing can be frustrating and wreak havoc with the productivity of your accounting department. Make payroll easier by using better technology. Contact Integrity Data for more information about the Mid Pay Period Rate Changes add-on and the other human resources and payroll solutions that can streamline HR and payroll activities.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR