Forecast Your Paycheck WebinarEmployees get married and have children, and consequently may want to make changes to their paycheck withholdings.  However, employees may want to weigh their options and see what could happen to their paycheck before committing to a change.  Instead of running a mock payroll or making and reversing changes in the system, you can answer their questions with the Paycheck “What If” Calculator.

Answering employee questions about payroll can have a significant impact on the productivity of your payroll department, especially if you are a larger enterprise-sized business.  The more employees you have, the higher the potential for interruption and the bigger the impact can be to productivity.  Your payroll team often has to stop what they are doing and refocus their attention on the employee at hand while putting important tasks on the back burner.  When helping an employee determine how their paycheck may change if they adjust dependents or withholding, your payroll team may have to make actual changes in the payroll system to find the answer, then, hopefully, reverse those changes without impacting the data in the system.  This not only takes time, it can also lead to payroll mistakes when changes aren’t reversed properly.

Save valuable time and protect the integrity of your payroll data by offering employees a self-service portal to run the calculation themselves! Paycheck “What If” Calculator now allows employees to run their own mock payroll through the web client, using their own payroll data, but without impacting the payroll system.  An employee can make changes to tax records, deductions, benefit codes, or commissions and see how those changes may affect their final paycheck.  They can spend as much time as they want making changes to different variables without having to interrupt your payroll department or risk tampering with the data within your payroll system. 

Make sure your payroll team isn’t distracted from important financial activities and empower your employees to find the answers to their own questions.   Contact Integrity Data for more information about the time-saving Paycheck “What If” Calculator and other affordable business solutions for streamlining payroll and other common financial management activities. 

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR