Tom2I recently assisted a Microsoft Dynamics® GP user that was having trouble getting an employee to print a zero dollar check. The system was preventing her from paying out the final PTO time for the employee. This situation was occurring because a TSA’d deduction was reduced due to not having enough money in the check. Fundamentally, the system calculates TSA’d deduction target amounts, then calculates taxes. Should the deduction amount get reduced because there is not enough money in the check to cover previously sequenced deductions in addition to the TSA’d deductions, the TSA’d deductions get reduced. This in turn changes the taxable wage dollars, which would make the calculated tax amount incorrect. Thus, the system gets thrown into a loop … calculate deductions, calculate taxes, reduce the deduction, recalculate taxes, etc., etc.). Therefore, when this situation occurs, the payroll process “kicks” the check out of the build and it displays on the exception report. Your options are to change the deduction sequencing for the employee or exclude previously sequenced non-TSA’d deductions from the build.

I hope this explanation helps other users who are experiencing a similar problem.

by Tom Franz, Product Manager at Integrity Data