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Year-End ACA Reporting Services

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Feature Functionality

IRS Yearly Reporting
IRS Form 1095-C
Identifies which employees must receive a 1095-C
Produces IRS Form 1095-C
Automatically codes and populates IRS Form 1095-C; no manual input needed
Automatically applies IRS mandated values for affordability testing and eligibility determinations
Automatically populates line 15 for banded-premium employees
Automatically supports qualifying offers
Allows manual override of individual employee 1095-C data
Emails IRS Form 1095-C to employees
Snail mails the IRS Form 1095-C to employees through a fulfillment service*
IRS Form 1094-C
Produces IRS Form 1094-C
Populates IRS Form 1094-C for commonly controlled / affiliated entities
Electronically files IRS Form 1094-C
Ease of Use
Year-end wizard goes through all the necessary stages for closing out the year and preparing for the next year
Handles employees that work for multiple companies, have position changes, become subject to different health plans or measurement periods or have breaks in service
Tracks historical information for employees ensuring annual forms and monthly reports are accurate
Unified Reporting for Commonly Controlled / Affiliated Groups
Consolidates reporting for parent-subsidiary groups, brother-sister groups, and combination thereof
Aggregates employee hours for eligibility determination
Unifies reporting for Form 1094-C, as required by the IRS
Designates the authoritative Applicable Large Employer (ALE) for aggregate submissions
IRS Monthly Reporting
Eligibility Tracking
Supports look-back measurement method for eligibility determination (recommended for employers w/ hourly workers)
Automatic classification: full-time / variable-hour
User-defined Standard Measurement Period, allowing for what-if scenarios to determine optimal look-back strategy
User-defined Initial Measurement Period, allowing for new employee period testing
User-defined Administrative Period, allowing for adequate lead time to extend offers of coverage
Stability Period monitoring to ensure accurate coverage period
Forecasting for variable-hour employees trending toward full-time status to proactively avoid penalties
Manages unpaid leave of absences, like FMLA, in accordance with IRS directives for calculating hours of service
Monitors breaks in service to identify employees who could be classified as new hires
Applies rule of parity for rehire monitoring
Automatically applies IRS non-assessment period to eligible employees
Voids previous waivers after new measurement period testing
Employee-coverage notification alerts
Affordability Monitoring
Testing for affordability of coverage offered, to comply with IRS safe harbor guidelines
Notification alerts when coverage offered does not meet affordability standard
Other ACA-Mindful Concerns
Accepts data from any payroll or ERP system
Quick implementation using a unique set-up wizard
Business Intelligence at-a-glace: central, user-defined dashboard for immediate awareness of key reporting dates and action items
Role-based security
Optional exclusion of owners, partners and shareholders from the ALE calculation
Allows for mass deleting of employees when needed
Generates audit logs
Simple-Easy-Automatic system updates as IRS guidance changes—ensuring you are always using the most current version
Service Provider Functionality
Centralized administration through an accounts page

*Fulfillment service is available for an additional fee. 



Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution Fact Sheet

ACA Compliance Solution for End Users Fact Sheet

Integrity Data's ACA Compliance Solution for Service Providers Fact Sheet

ACA Compliance Solution for Service Providers Fact Sheet

Integrity Data's ACA Compliance Solution Feature Functionality

ACA Compliance Solution Feature Functionality

ACA Compliance Solution User Guide

ACA Compliance Solution User Guide



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