Accounting departments everywhere perform standard payroll and accounting tasks; however, just because they are standard doesn’t mean that they are easy.  Inadequate technology can be a burden leading to poor productivity and the risk for mistakes.  Show your customers that the right business management solutions can save time and improve data accuracy.

Your customers can manage complicated payroll by implementing Employee Accounts and Splits to deal with people that wear multiple hats and bill time to different departments within the company. Another common monkey wrench with payroll is an employee wage that changes in the middle of a pay period. Customers who spend a lot of time dealing with these type of payroll changes can benefit from the Mid Pay Period Rate Changes add-on.

Each of the Integrity Data add-ons can streamline complicated tasks, improving productivity in accounting departments, as well as the accuracy of financial figures. Help your customers position their complicated payroll situations for success. Share the Integrity Data Solutions Brochure that highlights the Microsoft Dynamics® GP HR and Dynamics GP Payroll Add-on solutions that can get their payroll accounting in order.