HR Department Reduce RiskLike many other business operations, the human resources (HR) department hasn’t changed all that much over the years. The HR department remains focused on recruiting and on-boarding, talent management, compliance, and, in some cases, reducing risk. In this digital era, advances in technology, particularly recruitment technology, can streamline operations and play a strong role with business strategy. However, HR departments need to act fast to embrace technology before being disrupted by it.

As suggested in “Welcome To The New Era of Human Resources,” posted by Jared Lindzon on, the HR department used to handle recordkeeping, wage management and employee grievances. Over the years, unions, pensions and compliance issues have been added to their growing list of responsibilities; some adding headcount to help deal with these added tasks.

Now, technology can support HR teams managing these important tasks with greater efficiency and at cost savings. As Lindzon notes, recruiting software has advanced, for example, becoming more cost-effective and providing valuable data for talent management. Recruiting and retaining skilled employees is critical to business success, which could motivate business leaders to fold HR into the core management team. HR could evolve from a simple ‘personnel department’ to a valuable part of a business’s strategic plan to drive profit and growth.

Strengthen HR Operations with the Right HR and Payroll Solutions

Underlying the strategy of a successful HR department is the technology that can streamline management of wages, benefits, and other important tasks delegated to HR. Control over insurance programs, retirement benefits and payroll operations can improve relationships with employees and the bottom line. Here are three powerful HR solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® GP:

  1. Insurance programs: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires time and attention to detail to track the data needed for employer reporting. Save time managing these details with ACA Compliance.
  2. Retirement benefits: Managing retirement benefits is just as tricky. Matching contributions and strict IRS regulations can be managed more efficiently with Enhanced Retirement Plans.
  3. Payroll operations: Manually calculating payroll splits between departments or projects is risky. Ensure proper allocations with Employee Accounts and Splits.

Providing HR with modern technology can streamline operations, provide greater insight into resources and reduce waste. Contact Integrity Data to learn more about these powerful human resources solutions and the other enhancements that can bring greater value to your employees and your business.