Just Deploying HR Technology Is Not the Answer

Cloud capabilities are providing value to many businesses in many sectors. However, just plugging into the cloud or using any human resources management system (HRMS) isn’t the answer. Modern business management technology isn’t one-size-fits-all and you could be wasting valuable time and money without strategizing which solutions are aligned with your exact business needs.

As discussed in “Cloud-based technology transforming HR functions, says survey,” posted on HR.BLR.com, a recent survey of 854 human resources (HR) executives in 52 countries reveals that approximately 42% of respondents were planning to replace current HR systems with cloud-based systems and 63% expected ‘value added’ benefits. Yet only 20% of businesses later indicated an improvement of workforce analytics and only 13% reported improved collaboration between employees. Why didn’t the promise of the cloud-based HR benefits become a reality?

Define Weaknesses and Choose HRMS Technology That Solves Common Problems

It isn’t enough to just replace manual or paper-based processes with software. Businesses need to choose technology most aligned with and supportive of business processes. Business leaders can start by defining weaknesses in existing management solutions and setting expectations for potential replacement technology. Work with a reputable software provider that understands common business systems and, together, determine and deploy the technology that meets daily operational needs, as well as strategic needs. Here are three examples of how the right technology can solve common business problems:

  1. Managing multiple cost centers: Sometimes employees work across multiple departments or projects which creates problems in payroll. Employee Accounts and Splits automatically allocates employee costs and expenses by percentage according to department, position, pay code or other general ledger account.
  2. Control overtime: Calculating and controlling overtime can be a time-consuming battle. Configure overtime rules and manage them by employee, department or position on a daily, weekly, or pay period basis with Overtime Hours Rules. This solution also supports FLSA and state requirements.
  3. Strengthen regulatory compliance: Capturing and monitoring data needed for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance is no easy task. ACA Compliance Solution streamlines data tracking and reporting and can support compliance efforts with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Choosing the right business management solutions is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Work with a reputable software provider and strategize which solutions address specific business needs. Contact the experts at Integrity Data for guidance on choosing and deploying the HR and payroll solutions that can support your unique business needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.