Are you ever asked; how will my paycheck change if…?  Then wonder; how long it will take to figure that out?  It will only take mere seconds with Paycheck “What If” Calculator since you do not have to modify any employee information or run a mock payroll.  With the addition of new features, this tool has become even more flexible.

We have added the ability to modify state tax, marital status, and federal or state additional withholding. 

PWC R2 Features 1

We also enhanced the gross up functionality to include mass calculation of selected employees and the ability to add all selected employee Gross Up transactions to a payroll batch.  By marking the Mass Gross Up checkbox the system will enable an expansion button to allow you to select the employees to run a gross up.

PWC R2 Features 2

PWC R2 Features 3

Once the employees have been selected and the pay code information entered selecting calculate will allow you to review the calculate report and the transaction to add to the payroll transaction entry batch.

PWC R2 Features 4

PWC R2 Features 5