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Once a month, sometimes more if there is good reason (hot promo, giveaways, or product releases), we shoot out a newsletter called the “DataWire” to people who have interest in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll & Human Resources and/or Integrity Data.

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I like to brag about the experts we have in-house. Do they know their stuff, or what? Well, they do and they are available to YOU!

  • We feature blogs about our add-ons that may be a fit for your organization
  • Make you aware of any cool features that have been added to products you may already own
  • Provide dates for live demonstrations – maybe you need to see how that product you bought really functions or have interest in a new add-on
  • Give you the latest and greatest in the world of Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • And guide you to the best places to get your hands on tools – like our new, awesome Knowledge Base – to make life in GP HR & Payroll easier

Whether you’re thinking about bringing Payroll in-house, already have our add-ons, or are a rockin’ Microsoft Partner, this newsletter is for you!

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